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November 12, 2008

They're Home!

One thing we like to do before it snows is get our cows home from the pasture.
Well this year that didn't happen because of all the rain and the wet corral conditions.
But yesterday and today we were finally able to work at getting them home.
Here is a photo journal of the great time had by all :)
Here are some of our cows penned up and ready to be loaded.
We went to a low stress cattle handling clinic in October and were quite impressed with the techniques we learned and how they actually worked! It was quite different than the way we are used to chasing cows and it really was less stressful.
Nathan and Jesse and the black calf checking each other out.
Here they are all wondering what 'the humans' are going to do next.
Jennifer ready to round up the troops.
Mark and Joshua doing a fine job loading some cows on the trailer.
This black cow is Joshua's and she is known to need some pushing to get her motivated to go anywhere. But with a little persuasion she decided forward was the best way to go.
"Where do you think they're taking us?"
"I'm back, I'm back. Did you miss me?"
These two bulls were in a different pasture all year so now they need to establish once againg who is boss. It's looking like the old guy is finally going to have to give up his title.
And there you have it. They are all home safe and sound. Thanks for reading another event of our life on the farm.

1 comment:

Laura said...

Sitting here in Florida is nice but still we would swap for snow with the Paul's :) I love when you post a photo journal of your farming/life.

Hope Jesse is feeling better.