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November 26, 2008

Two Tone Egg

We have brown hens that give us plenty of eggs a day.
It's quite amusing how different the eggs come out.
Some are too big too fit into a carton, some are tiny, some are oval, some are almost round, some are dark brown, some are brown and some are beige, some are speckled, some are plain. But the egg we got yesterday was one like I haven't seen yet.
Do you think it came from a two-tone chicken?

1 comment:

Laura said...

It could be cross breed??? Really that truly is ODD!

I remember the first time my kids saw brown eggs, Madison ask if it had chocolate in it...got to love the imagination, yet he was being serious. Well, he was 5 and we do live in the city. We have a friend who in the warm weather gives us eggs...love it!

I forgot to say anything about your new cow. I know why you got one...you think when we come to visit you'll need more milk?!