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November 29, 2008

How Much Wood?

One by one our projects are getting crossed off the list. Yesterday was wood cutting day.
This year we had 2 chain saws going so that made things go a lot faster.
Of course with 2 chain saws going, the carriers had to work twice as hard. Trudging through snow made things a little more challenging. You always need someone to stack those logs so that you can get the biggest load in.
And sometimes you just need someone to smile :)
Always time to pose for a picture. How is it Rebecca that you always show up on the days that hard manual labor is involved? We sure appreciate all your help.
And of course there's always the disappearing act. Jesse, where did you go?
There is a beautiful red fox hanging around our area. When Mark and Joshua were bringing bales home the other day, he was busy pouncing on the mice hiding under the bales. Just like our dog would do. Our family named him "Cheeko". I just hope he doesn't find our chickens next spring :)
Hopefully we got enough wood to last us until spring. And for now we will enjoy cozying up to the wood stove. Another job completed by the Pauls' family team.


Laura said...

Way to go!!!! I love family team work!

I look forward to being warm in your home...Lord willing in a few months.

What projects are you going to keep on your list for us to help you with???

The Pauls' said...

Laura: The wonderful thing about a farm is you NEVER run out of projects. But we were thinking projects like skating, toboganning, eating, cuddling babies, playing games.......How do those sound? And if you come at the right time you might get to see some baby calves :)

Rebecca said...

Hey I really like the pictures! I had a great time helping you guys as usual and I am looking forward to enjoying the wood as well as I enjoy spending time with you guys this Winter.