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January 19, 2009

Got Milk?

Here is a photo walk through our milking routine.
Right now we are milking 2 cows, Sally and Popeye. They are Jersey cows.
Meet Sally

Meet Popeye (affectionately named because her eyes look like they are going to pop out of her head!

First thing we do when we get the cow in the barn is wash their udder. Then we put the milking machine on their teets Which pumps the milk into the metal pail After we are done milking we dip their teets in iodine to prevent infection Here is the foamy white stuff We get about 1 gallon from Sally and 2 gallons from Popeye per milking
Putting the straining cloths on the pails

Straining the milk

After all is strained we wash out the milking machine.

This whole process takes about 1 hour. Make your mouth water? Nothing is better than fresh milk (after it's cooled off of course)
We drink lots of milk (close to 2 gallons a day) but we also make yogurt, puddings, butter, and many other yummy milk recipes.
So there you have it, our day in milking.


Laura said...

This was so neat...the whole process! Our family was just talking about this last night...We ALL are looking forward to learning/helping, just weeks away!

The girls are down at the store so, now I need to call them and tell them to check out this post!

Did I mention we ALL love milk too...the drink of choice!

Forever Young! said...

Can my husband come stay with you all for a little while? He grew up on his grandparents dairy farm and has fond memories. It does make my mouth water. He has told me delicious stories of fresh milk! Maybe Wilbur could make a visit to you all sometime.

Mark and Rosalie Pauls and family said...

Laura: We are stocking up on the milk already :D

Forever Young: Wilbur would be more than welcome to our Canadian farm (and of course his passengers too :)

The Coopers said...

Oh I love fresh milk! We used to have a dairy goat farm and loved our fresh milk each day. Once we move back to North Carolina we plan to start a farm again. We miss it terribly!

chrissherrigirls said...

That fresh milk is awesome, remember last summer we had waffles with white sauce, then chocolate pudding with fresh whipped cream, Yummm!! And I didn't even get a sniffle from all that milk, although I did gain a few pounds that day.