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January 3, 2009

Still Waiting!

Did I mention that God's timing is PERFECT :)


Laura said...

YES, we agree God's timing is perfect!

I will have to confess that we have checked your blog "SEVERAL" times each day for the last few days...waiting, hoping, and praying for you!

Elizabeth and I are checking it this time. Elizabeth said "oh' she just has to have that baby, I can't wait much longer".

I laughed and said " wonder how Rosalie and the family feels"?!

We know you are looking forward to sweet Baby Pauls' arrival and knowing if Baby Pauls' is a he or a she? (you have a big group here in Tennessee very excited)

Much love from to of the Munck girls.

Dianna said...

we r waiting 4 the news also.............

Laura said...

Just checking in on you and praying for a safe, speedy delivery and a healthy baby. Can't wait to see sweet baby pictures!!