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January 27, 2009

I Can Dream....

As Mark and I were laying in bed this morning we were listening to the hustle and bustle of our household. Mark said with remorse, “Won’t it be different when one day our house is quiet.” To this I quickly replied, “It won’t be!” Well I can always dream can’t I? I can dream that because we have so many children we will always have a trickle of them flowing through our home. I can dream that we will all live together on our farm and work side by side forever. I can dream that we will have oodles of grandchildren that will need to be babysat…….I can dream!?!? But the fact is that someday our house may be quiet. Right now it seems quite unbelievable as I lay there and listen. Music playing, someone singing along, kids scrambling to get the dog to come out of the house, the clanging of spoons in the breakfast bowls, the baby crying, the toddler jabbering away…….anything but quiet. But this is our life…..and we love it. I will be honest…there are times when the ‘commotion’ gets to me. We keep our kids in close proximity most of the time. When they play, they are practically underfoot. Even though we have a playroom downstairs we choose this so that we can deal first hand with the many ‘issues’ that come up during playtime. Makes for lots of training opportunities. So yes, our household can get quite loud. In fact it was just yesterday when I told Jesse who was talking rather loudly, “Jesse could you please turn it down a few decibels?” To which he responded by making his voice into a low growl. Not quite what I was meaning but hey, it was quieter:) And granted there are times when I can't stand the noise anymore and shout out,"OK everyone, time to sit and read a book!" Realistically we will have hustle and bustle in our house for a good many years. Realistically time flies by really fast. It seems like not that long ago Joshua was little, but next month he is getting married. It seems like yesterday when I was wondering what it would be like to have 4 teenagers in our home. Today I don’t have to wonder, it is a reality. I don’t want to wish these moments away. I don’t want to shush the noise so I can have my peace and quiet. I want to savor these moments. I want them to be a fond memory in the pages of my life. I want to look back someday and know that I was not annoyed by the constant commotion, but rather that I enjoyed it to the fullest.
Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise. Psalm 98:4


Laura said...

We have those kinds of conversations too, and we don't even have half as many children as you have! I hope and pray that we are in your shoes one day. :)

Laura said...

I often find myself thinking about the time when everyone will be grown...truly it makes me sad.

I love the bickering, crying, laughing, LOUD signing, doors being shut to loud(not with a sleeping baby), hot wheels racing, kids jumping, bigs reading to littles....noise of life :) Like you some days I yell "enough everyone find something quite" But truth be known I love the noise of our lives, being mixed together creating memories and bonds, that only Christ can give!

Love your post...as always!

Forever Young said...

I have a love/hate relationship with the noise in our house. (And we, too, have less than half the number of children you do!) I love what it represents - lots of blessings, but I struggle with 'my right' (Ha!) for peace and quiet. Oh, having children has taught me so much! And I still have so much to learn. I love your wise insights. They always hit home.

The Mayo Family said...

See what I mean...you are so for real! We are so knowing what you mean! How do we have time for all that we need to do,along with any time for extra's?I do not want the time to pass so quickly (then have the time)(& quiet at that)smile... and yet God's plan is to enjoy the growing up...(sniff) yesterday our lil'girl was barely walking and in a month she'll be 20 time moves too swiftly! I am wondering...would be fun to show a lil' about your days to encourage younger families and the mature in age as well...do use a schedule plan or...also do you all home fellowship or belong to a certain denomination? Thank you,
Momma of 8