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January 26, 2009

Memories Monday

Since I really feel like complaining about the cold weather we've been having this winter, I thought I would remind myself that it could be worse. Here are some photos of the April 1997 blizzard that lasted three days and dumped lots and lots of snow (some reports say over 50cms)

Here you can tell by the combine and trees how high the snow drifts were.

We literally had to dig the cows out of the barn because the openings were snowed shut.
We were very blessed that our barn held up as some people lost their animals because the roofs caved in from the heavy snow.
Another view of a huge snow drift.
So if you live in Manitoba and remember this storm, lived through it and have a story to share, leave a comment and tell us about it :)
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Laura said...

OK....we all really want to see some snow while visiting BUT not that much snow!

Mckenzie Quilter said...

We remember that storm too. We ended up putting our horses in your pasture across the road from our place because there was so much snow in our back yard they had nowhere to go.
Harry and i managed to get out of the yard on monday(storm started Fri.night) and we got to Manitou and bought the last of the milk, bread and eggs in the Coop store. We had to walk from the highway down town because the drifts were all down main street.We were very thankful for our old four by truck.
We delivered the stuff to Ben and Joy and Creiths(they had a brand new baby). The dirft in Creiths yard was so high that when I climbed to the top of it I was standing above the roof line of the house. I sat down on the ground, and toboganned down the drift with the bags of milk, eggs and bread held high. Fortunately nothing broke. What an omlette that would have made.