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January 8, 2011

A New Year for 2 Of My Favorite Men

Today we have 2 birthdays in our family. So.....we are still celebrating :-)

First I want to wish a Happy Birthday to the love of my life, Mark.
I am so thankful that you were born and that you are now such an important part of me.

You are everything I dreamed about in a husband and more.....
You make me smile when I feel crummy.
You make me look at things practically when I feel like dreaming.
You show me there is hope when I feel hopeless.
You show me love when I don't deserve it.
You encourage me in my faith if  waiver.
You work hard to support our family......and give me paint (hee, hee, inside joke :-)

You are an amazing father to our children.

and most importantly...You love God and stand firm in Him.

Happy Birthday Babe. I love you more than words can say!

And the second Happy Birthday goes out to our sweet Josiah.

2 years ago we met Josiah James Daniel.
After a bit of a rocky start we welcomed you into our daily life at home.
How could we help but fall in love with you....so cute and cuddly!
And now here we are, 2 years later....already! How time flies.

Here are some of the things I love about you.....

- Your smile. You have this contagious smile. One that melts people's heart. And you know just when to shine it, often when you know you are ready to get into trouble. When you smile not only does your face light up, but your eyes too! I love it!

- The way you love on your nephew Andy and little brother Jaden. When you look out the window and see Rebecca and Andy coming down the road to our house you run to the door and shout, "Andy, Andy, Andy." So priceless! And when they come in the door you just have to hug and kiss him. And you love to give Jaden hugs and kisses too. You are so gentle.

- I love the way you are so excited to go to bed. I like to think you just want to go to sleep, but I know rather it is because your soother and Fozzie Bear reside there! But my favorite part is when you come for your hug, say "Nite" in your sweet little voice and then repeat after me when I say, "I......LOVE.....YOU!"
So precious! You used to do the sign language, but now you are getting so big and you use words! Way to go :-)

- And then of couse the way you love music. The Gaither's in particular. If you find a Gaither DVD you will sit and look at it and chatter about it. I have no idea what you are saying.....but I imagine it is something about your favorite singer or song. You beg your sisters all day long to put a Gaither DVD on for you. When they do you pull up your stool and listen intently to your favorite songs. We can easily tell who your favorite singers and what your favorite songs are because when a singer or song comes on that isn't your favorite....you go play. And then you come running back when your next favorite comes! You often sing to the songs as well. Usually very quietly, but I hear you! 

-You love to play hockey and to throw around a football. In fact one of your first words was 'football'. Often you come up to me mumbling something and want me to follow you and I know what you are looking for....your hockey stick and tennis ball of course! And if we can't find it.....you get rather upset!  We are still working on that one! Once you find your little stick you try to get one of your siblings to play with you....and they usually do. And when you start to throw around your little football I have learned to pay attention....cause if I don't I might get hit in the head :-) You have quite an arm, you just need to work on your aim! And you will play catch until the person you are playing with gets tired.....because you just don't!

There is so much more I love about you Joey and I look forward to what you will accomplish and learn this year! You are a blessing to our family.

We love you!  


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Mark and to our little cousin Joey!!!

Hope you both had a wonderful day!


E,A,& R

mommyx12 said...

Happy birthday to all your loves. Isn't a large family great. All the cake and ice cream and presents!!

December and January are busy for us. Our 4th child was on the 29th of Dec. and our 12th on the 15th of December. Three weeks, 7 birthdays. Life is crazy. I love the picture of all the kiddos in your previous post. Too cute.