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January 28, 2011

Too Many Kisses?

As you know, a stomach flu bug just swept through our home.
It started with 5 kids getting it during the night, all within a couple of hours.
Because the 2 little boys (Josiah & Jaden) were still healthy and I really hoped they did not get this awful bug, I asked all those who were sick to keep their distance from them. No hugging, no sharing cups and especially...NO KISSES!

Well a couple of days later everyone was in the family room and Josiah suddenly came down with dreaded bug and threw up all over the floor. I was quite amazed with Mikaya and how being around the mess didn't seem to affect her at all. She was right there, taking it all in. I could tell her little wheels inside that head were turning. Then she said so softly and sweetly, "Did we give him too many kisses?"

1 comment:

Mrs. Stam said...

oh no, praying that you all get better soon!