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January 12, 2011

One of These Days

Do you ever have one of these days.....

One of these days that everywhere you turn there's stuff to be done.
And you look around and realize that there is no human way that you could get it all done today.

One of these days that everytime you look up, someone else wants your attention.
And you are followed around with appeals of praise, pity, justice, knowledge, wisdom, and help.
(Even as I am writing this I have been interrupted by 5 different ones requesting my attention)

It's on one of these days that my head spins (literally) and I wonder how, when and if I will have the strength, physically and emotionally to get it all done and how I can possibly have enough left to be there for the ones that need me.

It's on one of these days that if I focus on the list that needs to be accomplished I could sink into the pit of the overwhelmed.

It's one of these days that if I focus on how little me time I am getting for "ME" I could sink into the pit of self-pity.

It's one of these days that if I focus on the mound of work that needs to be accomplished I might be tempted to just ignore it all and sink into the pit of laziness.

It's one of these days that I NEED to choose life for my soul. I need to let the praise of God continually be on my lips. (Ps. 341)

It's one of these days that I NEED to rely on the joy of the Lord to be my strength (Nehemiah 8:9-12)

It's one of these days that I NEED to regard others needs above my own. (Phil. 2:3)

It's one of these days that I NEED to realize that laziness gets me nowhere fast!
(Prov. 10: 4-5)

It's on one of these days that I NEED to remember that the reason I am experiencing all this is because of the blessings God has placed in my life.  And if it were not for all of them my heart would not be near as FULL!

It's one of these days that I will CHOOSE to keep on keep'n on because one day, when my children are grown and gone....

I will look back and remember the times when.....I cuddled a baby whenever I wanted, received hugs all day long, was asked for words of advice throughout the day, answered the inquisitiveness of a 3 year old, heard the giggle of a toddler, witnessed first hand the joy of learning, listened to the songs of praise on our daughter's lips, taught phonics to a 5 year old, encouraged boys to work out their problems, nursed a sick one back to health, kissed a boo boo.......

I will look back and long to re-live



Stacey said...

Amen :)

mommyx12 said...

Building those treasures in heaven. What more is there to this life than to be doing that!! Loved the post.

Cinnamon said...

Oh yes that has been my exact thought!! Enjoy now, relish in the good and wonderful that God has given me today.

I love your new header, well new since I've been here :-) I am amazed you could squeeze all of you in there :-) hee hee


Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

I was going to write "amen" and then I saw I would be copying Stacey. But amen!!! I feel this way all day every day. Blessings to you.


Coreen Berube said...

tears.....this new mama needed to hear that today....thanks :)

The Coopers said...

Amen!!! I sure needed that...thanks for sharing today! Miss chatting, but oh how you said it today..life and the needs of our family seem to take over. But the Lord is so merciful and gives us that time "we" need when we need it the most. I am so thankful even tho I have those days that I am a momma who's home with my children and shaping who they will become one day! ~hugs~