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January 17, 2011

You Know You Are A Large Family When...

I have a couple of new ones add to the large family list....

- 5 of your kids have the stomach flu....and that's not even half of them.

- When the stomach flu visit your home you can hardly walk in your laundry room because of the pile of    "soiled" blankets, sheets, pillow cases and PJ's.

- During a bout of the stomach flu, the floor is littered with buckets, blankets and moaning bodies.

- When your family has the stomach flu, you could buy a new appliance with the money you saved on food.

_-And last but definitely not least....when many family members have the stomach flu your house smells.....well......it smells.......kind of.......disgusting :-)

I guess that gives you a clue of what's going on around here?


mommyx12 said...

Oh yes, we have been there more than once. I'm sure we'll visit that place more than once yet!!

I hope it passes through quickly. But we all know that there are just way to many tummies yet to be affected.


Stacey said...

Ugh, no fun! Sorry you're dealing with the stomach flu right now. Praying you all get well quickly!

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

So sorry to hear that some of yoru troups are down. We are praying that it will pass quickly!!
Love you guys!!

Laura said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry. We had it the week before Christmas, and I thought it was bad to have all six of our children throwing up at once. Half of ours aren't old enough to grasp the concept of aiming for a bucket though, so it was pretty awful!

The Mayo Family said...

Oh no!
Praying that today finds all doing better!
Was this after your get-away?
Feel bad for yall...do hope that it is leaving!
Blessings & prayers~
~Lori for all

Mrs. Pauls said...

Hah! That is funny! When our girls had the flu, we also had a septic leak in the basement. I walked around all day thinking it was just the dirty diapers I was smelling. oops.