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July 29, 2011

Jaden Isaac

A year ago today I was cuddling a brand new baby boy in my arms.
Who ever knew that I would wonder a year later how we ever lived without this lively little guy!

Jaden has been a mover and a noise maker ever since he was born. In fact he wasn't even fully born before he let out his first cry! And he hasn't stopped making himself heard since then! I guess being the youngest of 12, he knew to be heard he would have to be loud. But we love him that way!!!

Jaden is just a bundle of energy and fun. He has never been a cuddler which has made it hard to console him when he is upset. He never nursed to sleep, or was comforted by nursing like most all of our other children were. In fact from about 6 months to 8 months he pretty much fought me every time I nursed him!!! At 8 months I finally gave up and he was put fully on the bottle.

His idea of cuddling is to be hugged for about 2.2 seconds. Then he goes off to play. But he likes several 2.2 second hugs a day! And he gets many of them. Every once in awhile a sibling will try to hug him for 2.3 seconds to which he loudly lets them know that their time is up :)

One of Jaden's most adorable features is his red hair. He had a head full when he was born and now at a year old he still is a true red head. This is our 3rd boy with this red of hair....it is so special and unique, I love it....and so do the many other people who meet him. In fact it is not uncommon for perfect strangers stopping us to comment on his hair color. So far it's only our boys who have been blessed with red hair.....someday I am hoping for a little curly, red headed little girl! Wouldn't that be just so adorable????

A few days ago Jaden decided because his first birthday was coming up that it was about time to take his first steps. We now often find him just letting go of whatever he is holding onto and walking halfway across the room! No matter how many times I watch a child learn to walk, it is always such a joy to see!!

At meal time Jaden figures he is the life of the party and he will always try to get someone laughing! He loves to jabber and actually can say quite a few words already. His favorite being Dada, Mama, Puppy, Ball, and his most favorite food right now....POPCORN!!! Whenever he hears the popcorn maker he comes as fast as he can to watch it pop....all the while saying POP, POP, POP!!! And he feels pretty ripped off if we put him to bed without a taste!

Jaden, we are so glad that God gave you as a gift to us. You add fun and sparkle to our days.
Happy Birthday big guy...we love you!!!


mommyx12 said...

Happy Birthday to your little big guy. That is an adorable photo of him.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little Jaden!!!

We love and cannot wait to see you!

Love, Lizzy