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July 18, 2011

I Should Be Working! Or Should I?

We finally have some nice hot weather here in Manitoba!
And of course hot weather brings WATER FIGHTS!!!

The kids were having a blast!
I love to listen to their giggles and happy squeals!
As I was sitting there watching them today
I started thinking about how short this time with them all is.
It seems like just a few short years ago we had our first 4 little sweet ones.
And here we are now with 2 teenagers and 2 adult children.
I remembered back to the water fights they used to have.
It almost brought tears to my eyes.....

After my sentimental moment I thought
"I should be working"
And got up to get back to whatever I was doing.
On my way I thought...
"I should really join them!"
And so I DID!!!

I started by sneaking up behind Kerri with a BIG pail of water!
Brooke almost gave me away!!!

I got her good :)

I don't think Caleb thought I would actually do it!!!

Wowsers that water was cold!
It wasn't long before Jen joined in the action too.

And it wasn't long before she became the main target!
Wonder why???

Kerri was being so nice and filling everyone's pail....
And not spraying anyone at all....right Ker?!?!?

Josiah thought this was a great idea.

Until he got douced too!

Poor Little Joe!

Being the good big brother he is,
he didn't want Jaden to miss out on all the fun!

I guess babies don't really care for water fights!
(He cried for a few seconds and then laughed)

Never underestimate your mom Zachary :)

Hurry Ker, fill mine, fill MINE!!

I think this may be payback time Zachary!

No mercy here!

She may look innocent....

But she's NOT!!!!!

Really, she's not AT ALL!

 The skies the limit Zee!

Watch out Kaya,
You're gonna get wet!

Then for the grand finale....get Zee
Get him GOOD!!!!!
(we thought it was funny how everyone had their eyes closed!)

It amazes me that this only took a few minutes of my time
but it will be something we will all remember for years to come!

I will try to remember this next time the thought comes to my mind
"I should be working."


Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Looks like soo much fun! I heard you guys while I was weeding, I was going to come and join you but you had finished already, maybe next time, or maybe I'll just watch. :)

Heather said...

That looks like so much fun...nothing like summer family fun together!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Yay for warm weather! Here in BC. we haven't had that weather that much. Meg, those are the best shots you got. . . I love everyone's expressions!

Harry and Nancy Pauls said...

How these pictures bring back memories of the fun we had here too. Waterfights are so much fun. You are a more harty bunch than we are though. We usually tried to use the water that had been sitting in the watertank...the sun would have warmed it slightly. Water straight out of the well is very refrshing for a drink. A gallon of cold water poured down your back at high speed really takes your breath away.