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July 9, 2011

Let the July Birthdays Begin!

 Thursday we started the July birthday celebrations! We have 3 birthdays in July.

It was Brooke Abigail's birthday.

Brooke is the one that reminds me the most of her sweet Daddy! 
She is witty, charming, easy going and likes to laugh and cracks herself up!

She makes us all laugh many times in a day.
Her laughter is very contagious!! 

She is a big help around the house and loves to help bake.

She has a super duper memory. She can remember names and events from long ago.
She only has to hear a song a couple of times and then can sing it almost word for word.

She won't sing if she knows you are listening, 
but if you eavesdrop you will find she is an amazing little singer!!!

She likes to color.

She likes to keep me company in the garden and swats all the mosquitoes that land on me!

She has the most beautiful curly hair I have ever seen. 
(with the exception of her big sister, Megan!)

She can put down a LOT of food, but she is still so tiny!
Not sure where all that food goes :)

She is great at entertaining little babies and toddlers.
They love her!

She is very, very special to all of us :)

It was so fun to watch Brooke as she anxiously awaited her day to arrive!

When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday she told me 2 simple things. 
A candy necklace and a birthday girl ribbon, just like last year!!!  
Not too hard to please :)

We started the day by her opening up her gifts. 
She got just what she wanted! And more :)

Hugs are always plentiful around here.

I found this camera at a garage sale! 
It was a big hit! 
She spent all day taking pictures :)

Then for the grande finale!


A New Bike!!!! (one of the perks of having a summer birthday!)

And a pink one at that :)

Jaden figured he should get a bike too!
Well your birthday is next Jader, maybe, just maybe :)

The happy birthday girl with her new set of wheels!! 

Every big sister has a follower!

The meals Brooke chose for her birthday were simple and to the point!
Cinnamon Buns for breakfast, 
Tomato Soup for lunch, 
and Chicken Wraps for supper.

Enjoying her tomato soup picnic.

The theme was butterflies. Brooke really likes butterflies.

Happy Birthday little princess!

We love you....even if your a bit quirky :)

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