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August 6, 2007

Belated Birthday Blog

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In all the business of summer and our travels I forgot to post a birthday blog for Brooke. We can't have that, because she is an important part of our family. So here's a belated birthday blog for Brooke.
Brooke turned 2 on July 7.
And no, it is not terrible two's. I refuse to view the amazing 2 year old stage as such. It is a year of lots of training as they learn so many new things, but definitely I LOVE the 2 year old stage. We have had this age stage in our home for many years now
and I can't imagine how less exciting things would be without it!
Brooke is a 'cutie' in our biast opinion.
She is an amazing singer and you will often find her
singing songs to her dolls, little sister or just as she is playing.
She doesn't just sing little kids songs, she sings worship songs and if you listen carefully she sings nearly every word.
And there are so many different ones she sings. It baffles my mind!
When she was just born and we were working at Rock Lake for the summer she had a few prophecies over her that she would be a worshipper. Well at the time I just shelved that as we don't believe in taking prophecies instantly as God's Word as we didn't know any of the people who gave the prophecies, but now as time goes on I can see that she is a worshipper already. That's exciting when you can see God's work already in her,
even when she is just two!
Brooke is the life of the party and usually the centre of all attention. As people come in from outside she usually greets them by name and used to say 'Hi _____, how are you!' Now she just starts a conversation!
Mark and I work hard that she doesn't get too spoiled, but every once in awhile we get caught up in her cuteness and she gets away with things she shouldn't:) And we will pay for it later, so we make a concious effort to not let these cute moment take away from her overall character training!
She likes to play with her brothers and is especially enamoured with her brother Zachary. She loves all her brothers dearly
but when he is missing she walks around saying
'Where's Zachary?'
And does she talk. It's hard for me to believe she is only 2 because of her vocabulary. She can easily communicate what she wants and how she wants it and when she wants it.....get the point!
We celebrated her birthday in a campground on our trip.
And our amazing friends knew it was her birthday so when we visited them
they had went through the trouble of making her a cake. Very special!
A funny story about her gift opening:
She had a gift from everyone as usual.
So she would open a gift, look at it, play with it
and then put it aside when the next gift came.
Then she opened 'THE GIFT'!
It was a wooden puzzle, you know the kind with little animals
or whatever that fit in each special spot.
Well something you need to know about Brooke, she loves puzzles!
When she came to this gift she was obviously elated and could not stop playing with it. From every gift there on she would open it, toss it aside and continue to play with her puzzle. It was quite hilarious.
The moral of the story is: If you give Brooke a puzzle for a gift, give it last!!
We love you Brookie. Have a fun year being 2!
And keep worshipping with music,
we all need a Gideon worshipper around here!

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