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August 16, 2007


Just so you don't think from my last post
that I think life is all about work, work, work,
here are some more thoughts.
A wise friend once said, "Summer is too short for dusting."
And that little comment has really made me re-evaluate
about life and the time that we have
with our spouses, children, family and friends.
I am a very 'goal oriented' person and when I start a project,
you better not get in my way until I am finished!
And sometimes my list of 'to do's' gets so long that I forget.
I forget that relationships and the memories
we make are the things that will last forever.
So my advice to myself today is take time for the little things
because it is so easy to pass those moments by!
Take Monday night for example.
It was supposed to be a perfect night
to see shooting stars for some reason.
I went outside around 11:00 pm
and soon Jen, Megan and Kerri had joined me.
They begged to stay out and watch the stars for awhile.
My tired bones just wanted to go to bed,
but after much persuasion we laid on the lawn
and looked to the heavens.
And it was amazing.
We were out there less than an hour
and we counted at least 25 shooting stars.
But that won't be the only thing we will remember.
Ask us and we will say:
-ice cubes
-dog breath
-strange noises
These are the memories we have.
It was a lot of fun, a bonding moment
that I am sure we will not forget.
And guess what?
It didn't cost us a dime.
Just a little less sleep for a tired mama!
So today remember to take time for the little things.
There are somethings that can wait.
but the memories you build today will last forever!

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