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August 20, 2007


The stomach flu has been hanging around our house for the past 2 weeks and yesterday it decided to hitn full force. Kerri, Caleb, Zachary, Nathan & Brooke were all sick. It has always been interesting to me how kids all have different personalities. It even shows up when they are sick. Zachary can hardly sit still, and if he does you know he is very sick. Kerri & Caleb just lay around all day, Brook just eats, throws up, eats, throws up. Not a clue to how her tummy is feeling! And Nathan is a lot like Zach, he plays in between his 'episodes' We have a house full of laminate flooring.
The boys have a car mat that they play on.
And where do you think Brooke decides to
spew her lunch? You've got it, on the mat:)
So we spent the day at home (really?) just lying around. Mark & Josh got some much needed rest. They have been going hard at combining all week. I think at least 3 days they went until 2 am. The girls and I played the farming game. We watched videos. I hope today everyone is feeling better! The stomach flu is one of my most unfavorite things! And it is the most inconvenient during harvest. So if you think of us today, please pray for good health.
But I just have to say:
Hats off to the one
who invented ice cream pails.
They come in really handy
at a time like this!


Denyse said...

Ice cream pails are my friend. Jenna gets car sick alot so we always have those things around...and lids too so when you are driving and cannot empty the pail, you can save everyone else in the vehicle from unwanted odors. What a gross topic.

We will be praying for all of you.

jeremy and/or laura said...

oh dear.
i hope all the tummys get sealed up really soon.
thanks for the e-mail.