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August 17, 2008

Baby Update

First of all, just so you all know..... NO , I am not going to do photo shoots of my growing belly :) Not that I am not proud of it, or glad it is there, it's just that......it's just not my thing. But I will try to let you know how things are going. So far everything is going great. I have had a couple of midwife appointments and we are all happy with the way things are going. And except for tiring a little easier my daily routine continues on. So after being through the 1st trimester 11 times, and the 2nd & 3rd trimesters 10 times, I think I can safely say I enjoy the second trimester the most. Why? Well let me tell you :) 1. I can feel the baby move, but I don't get my ribs kicked. Although sometimes when I get a little kick it startles me as I am not quite used to it:) You'd think being the 11th time..... 2. The baby seems more real as my belly starts to fill out, but I am not huge....yet! 3. I can still eat what I want and I don't have any heart burn. 4. I still sleep relatively well at night despite a couple of bathroom breaks. 5. My hands and feet are not swollen. 6. Unlike the first trimester, I don't get as many headaches. 7. Food is appealing but, not "revolting" or "I need food nowish!" 8. My face is not puffy. 9. I can still fit multiple children on my lap. 10. When people meet me and look at my belly (they always do! I guess they think I don't notice!?!?!?) they still are guessing if I am pregnant or not. Can't start the rumors yet!!! So there you have it. Time is flying by.....and I know baby will be here (Lord willing) before we know it. It is so different from the first couple of pregnancies where you wait and wait and the due date seems to take forever. Now the weeks seem to go by so quickly. I guess I have lots to keep my mind busy. Actually, that is quite an understatement!!!!! My mind is 'always' busy. So my lady readers, tell me about you. What was/is your favorite trimester? And why? I'd love to hear from you.


EllaJac said...

Rosalie, Thank you for visiting my blog! I've read yours off and on for ages. Love it.

I think the 2nd trimester for sure. I can begin to imagine what the floor might look like if I mopped it... I can cook an entire meal without exhaustion, and maybe even unload the groceries once I get them home.

Baby awakes! I must go!

Laura said...

Love the update. I feel better in the 2nd but, I think maybe the 3rd. I know strange because of...little sleep, swelling, and fatigue. But there is something so Godly awesome about a full belly of baby...after 9 I'm still amazed at the wonders of Gods hand.

Did I tell you we are planning a trip your way in the spring...Lord willing!
Have a fantastic week!

Stacey said...

Hmmm... I think I agree that the 2nd trimester is best. I had a rough time with Bria though. I couldn't sleep at all, and my veins were very painful. I didn't enjoy that pregnancy much at all.