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August 12, 2008

From Fence to Freezer

NOTE: If you are squeamish about seeing chickens made freezer ready,
you might want to skip this post :)
Today was the day, the task we planned for many weeks ago.
As Zachary said, we served our chickens and now they are going to serve us. It was butchering day on the Pauls' homestead.
Yesterday morning started bright at 9:00, when our friends showed up to guide us along a journey that we had never been before. Thanks again Esther, Recbecca, Rachelle, Rita & Ruth. Your help was so much appreciated.
So without further ado, here are some photos of our very adventurous day!
Joshua & Rebecca were designated as the 'chop squad'

With the chickens in tow
it was off to the......

"Scalding Bucket "
Next we have our more than enthusiastic defeatherers (is that actually a word?) Rita, Jennifer, Kerri, Rachelle & Megan
When the chicken was looking more freezer ready it was time
to give them a bath.

Then came the fun part!
Reach inside, feel all those warm......
Well, I will save you the details.
Let's just say it was very :{

After the chickens had another soak, they were ready to dry off and be bagged for the freezer. Here we have them so 'daintily' saying their farewells.

All in all it was a very educational day with lots of fun and laughter. We look forward to having 28 roasted chicken suppers in the coming days.

And I think we may even do it again next year ?!?


Stacey said...

I am definitely not brave enough to do that! Convenience will do that to a person I guess.

I remember going to butcher chickens with my grandma when I was little. I had to sit next to a box of still twitching chickens on the way home in the car. I think that's why I will never butcher my own chickens :)

Laura said...

I've seen the butcher part....and the running headless chicken. But, never have I seen what follows. I think I like what follows much better than the butcher part :) If, we didn't live so far we'd invite ourselves for dinner.

The Pauls' said...


I can see how that might have been a bit traumatic.

We must not have had twitchers because the twitching lasted only a short time.

A few years ago I didn't think I would do this either:)


I didn't have to do the butchering and I am glad!

You are welcome for a chicken meal anytime :)