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August 8, 2008

Table Conversations

Tonight Mark and our oldest 4 kids went with some friends to watch the Winnipeg Blue Bombers play.
The conversation around our table is always busy and everyone has to wait their turn.
But when the older ones are not home,
the younger ones seem to feel it's their chance to have mega conversations.
Well this supper was no exception.
Here is a peek into some of the conversation at the Pauls' household tonight.
Zachary: How old am I going to be when Mikaya is my age?
Me: How old are you? (seriously:)
Zachary: 7
Me: 13
Zachary: How old will I be when Mikaya is 13?
Me: (thinking hard) 19.
Caleb: How old will I be?
Me: (I didn't have to ask his age because I know he is 2 years older than Zach!) 21.
Zachary: When I am a dad are you going to be a grama?
Me: Yes
Zachary: Will you still be my mom?
Me: Yes, I will always be your mom.
Zachary: Yup, I will always call you mom.
When my kids have babies then will you be a great grama?
Me: Yes.
Caleb: Will I be a great uncle?
Me: Yes
Zachary: And when my kids kids have kids, I will be a great grampa!
Nathan: I will be a great dad.
Caleb: Abraham for sure would have been a great-great grandpa.
Jesse: Are Grampa & Grampa married?
Everyone: YES!
Jesse: Who is all married?
Brooke: Horses (pause) horses (pause) horses eat!
Me: People get married when they say they will love each other and live together forever.
Jesse: Oh.
Zachary: How old is Dad?
Me: 40
Zachary: Is Dad older than you?
Me: Yes.
Zachary: How old are you?
Me: 37
Zachary: That's funny. You are older than Joshua, but he is bigger than you!
Brooke: I'm bigger than Josh.
Zachary: That's neat, we all go in order. Dad, Mom, Joshua, Jennnifer, Megan, Kerri, Caleb,Zachary, Jesse, Nathan, Brooke, Mikaya (rattled them all off just like that!)
Brooke: Joshua, Nathan, Caleb, Jennifer (or something like that:)
And then the conversation switched to cookies.
So there you have it, a peek at our lovely supper conversation.
Come to think of it, seems like Zach ruled that conversation!
Don't you feel enlightened?!

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Laura said...

Oh' I love it! At times when my smaller children are looking off into space I wonder what is going through their minds...your table talk is prime example of what is going on. I love being a Mom! We are close in age I'm 36.