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August 6, 2008

Savor the Moments

Life circumstances and conversations with friends has had me thinking a lot lately about 'savoring the moments'.
The time we have with our children is so special.
I know I have expressed this before, but I think it needs to be said again.
As parents we can get so busy with the busyness of life, that we forget to savor the moments.
I must admit, I am a really bad one for that.
I have a one track mind, usually it's something I need to get accomplished yesterday!
I forget to take the time to sit, listen, play and enjoy my children.
Life can get so busy, too busy.
For us it's especially hard this time of year, with harvest nearing and the garden needing to be canned.
But having an adult child has made me realize once again how time flies.
You will never have these years back.
The next ones are exciting as well and ones I look greatly forward too, but be careful not to wish these busy moments with your little ones away.
I know there are some people who have went to the other extreme, and sit around and play or talk with their children all day while their house is a disaster and they are eating fast food. This is not what I am talking about. I am talking about the little moments, looking at a butterfly, listening to a (sometimes seemingly very long) story, reading together......This only usually takes a few minutes, but the memories last a life time for you and your children. And about working, sometimes the best discussions can happen during those times when you work or do a project together.
So today, tomorrow, and beyond, Savor the Moment. Cuddle, tickle, laugh, share...savor the moment because, take it from a mom who has been there.....they will be an adult before you know it :)


Stacey said...

I agree. I often find myself wanting to rush through, but then stop myself and take the time to enjoy those little moments.

Hey, I just notice that you are pretty much half way through this pregnancy! Congrats! Are you feeling ok?

The Pauls' said...

Thanks Stacey!
I am feeling really good:)

Karen said...

As someone else with adult children I wholeheartedly agree. Thanks for the reminder!