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May 18, 2009

Brandon Fair (Memories Monday) by Jen

The Brandon Fair is a winter fair that our family tries to go to every year. This year we were privilaged to be able to go with Josh and Rebecca and Rebecca's family, the Penners. Here is a photo journal of our day.
Megan had alot of fun with cowboy hats and girls :)
This is one of my favorite pictures (thanks Rita )

From left to right: Megan (finally out from behind the camera),

Penner's cousin Elena, Rita and Kerri.

And on top is Ruth

Raechelle and I
One of our favorite things to watch is the horse jumping. Here is one of the horse jumps. I must say the cell phones really looked real.
Megan couldn't use a flash so the pictures are somewhat blurry.
8 horse hitch.
It's always amazing to see how they manuveur those big horses in such a small ring.
There were a couple of trick riders.
One of the riders was Tom Bishop....
Here he is standing on the backs of 2 horses Roman riding
It was really amazing and looked hard.
Watching the show
Waiting for the night show
YUMMY snacks :)
Brooke looking cute as ever.
Holstein cows.
They seemed really big to me because I am used to our small Jersey cows
Donkeys, another one of my favorites

There was much more that we saw..... A petting zoo, Barrel racing (my favorite :), Super dogs, 6 horse hitch, and much more.

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