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May 21, 2009

Energy x 4 = 4x the Energy

Having 4 boys ranging in ages of 10yrs. -5 yrs. can sometimes be a real challenge. 1 boy has LOTS of energy. Times that by 4 and you have LOTS, LOTS, LOTS and LOTS of energy. Too many times I complain about all their energy and I fail to be thankful and rise to the challenge of putting that energy into something that is constructive.

And talking about energy, I can see by watching my dear husband that this energy will come in very handy when my boys have a family (Lord willing) to provide for. Mark has been working very hard putting in the crops the last few days. I couldn't keep going like he is. Thank God for his energy. Thank you God for my boys energy!

For several days we have been clearing some bushes of dead branches, trees and such. The other evening the girls were busy at other tasks so I had the 4 boys with me. They got, as they sometimes do, in the 'we are mommy's best helpers' mode. And they were amazing little helpers, picking up load after load of leaves and branches.

My little boys like to help and protect their momma. And I have been noticing since Mark has been in the field a lot these days, the boys have kicked it up a gear. They are looking for ways to help me. When I am ready to do something difficult or lift something heavy they say. "I'll do that Momma". We didn't train them to do this specifically. But we have trained them to see when others are in need and help them, to be kind and loving. This has been coupled with the God given 'desire' to protect woman. I am so thankful for my 'little men' and their willingness to help. We have our moments and our days where it seems that all the training has 'went out the window', but then we have many moments like the past few days where they rise up to the occasion and bless my socks off.

If you have little boys give them and extra special hug today and thank God for their energy! Pray that God will give you wisdom to direct their energy to shape them into the person that God wants them to be. Whether that is a husband, daddy, friend, employee....

Well I must be off to spend some more 'quality time' with my boys checking and setting mole traps :)


The Munck Family said...

Energy...I wish I could bottle a little of my boys engery for myself :) I seem to run out fast these days, and at times watching my boys wears me out! But I'm thankful for every moment of their energy, and how they direct it. This energy often times gives me "many" teachable moments with the boys. As much as I'm teaching the boys in HIS ways, I too am learning :)

Happy mole catching!!!

Dianna said...

ooooh we LOVE< LOVE our 2 boys to pieces. They are soo special aren't they. It seems like we can't get enough of them then there's our girl... well let's just say it makes us want to have little guys and girls at all times in our household keeping us young and on our knees and toes!! Bless you and your family as you strife for Godliness and order in the home!

Duckygirl said...

This is a great reminder, we have 5 boys ages 1-7 and that means lots of this energy! But you're right, they sure do step in. My oldest boy helping unload groceries the other day actually said, "just wait 'til we're all teenagers, then this will go so quick!" He's right too :)