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May 15, 2009

Pizza, Pizza

Over the years our family has looked for opportunities to earn some extra money to put towards going on special outings together.
One of the things we do is sell pizza crusts.
This has been a favorite way to earn some extra cash as we can do it right in our own home and TOGETHER :)
This summer we are planning to take a trip out to Tennessee to visit our good friends, the Munck's.
So yesterday we were glad when one of our regular customers ordered up 37 pizza crusts.
So guess what we were doing today?
Here is a photo journal of our 'crusty' task :)

First we mix this dough

Then we roll the dough into circles and place into pizza pans

Next the excess dough is cut off

Then we shape the sides

Of course there's always little helpers

After this we let the crusts rise for a few minutes

When they are done rising we bake them.

When they are cooled we package them and they are ready to go:)

We then stick them in the freezer until they are delivered to our customers.

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Just A Family said...

Hey Paul family!
Thank you for visting our blog..
Hey we need to get to know each other we live in Alabama only 3 years from Tenn.:)

How do we order your pizza crust?
Looks yummy!


Ruby's Mom said...

What a great home business idea!Are they whole grain?They look wonderful

The Munck Family said...

WE loved you pizza, it's the BEST!!!! We love it even MORE NOW that we know it's going to help get you to Tennessee for our visit!!!!! Happy baking with many more orders to come :)

The Pauls' Family said...

Robin: We look forward to getting to know you better :) We could send the pizza's mail order but they might be a little stale by the time they reach you :) :)

Ruby: The pizzas are half-whole wheat with some flax as well.

Laura: Tennessee here we come! (Lord Willing)

Amanda said...

Ooh I'd be interested in the crusts, but I can't eat white flour. Do you make any whole wheat?