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May 23, 2009

Can You Do It Again?

All of you guessed right in our last Secret Saturday photo.

Great Job! But we are thinking it was a bit too easy:)

So what do you think this is?

I will post all the comments on Monday and reveal the 'mystery photo'


Rita Penner said...

Hi this is Rita Penner. My guess would be that it was a saddle.

Anonymous said...

It looks to us like a saddle, part of a saddle, a liner on a saddle okay...something to do w/ a riding piece...? How about that! And we are thinking of ya'll often!
Stop through Wisconsin on your trip?!?
The Mayo's

Amanda said...

A saddle?

Anonymous said...

A Saddle


Laura said...

I have no idea what the picture is, but when my husband gets back I'm going to ask him what he thinks!

Thanks for letting me know about Megan being able to do some blog design. I'm already working with someone on it, but if that falls through for some reason I'd love to work with Megan!

Denyse said...

Charis and Kelsey say that it's the gullet of a saddle.

Harry and Nancy Pauls said...

I think the secret object is part of a saddle.