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August 12, 2009


Today I am amazed.

Amazed at the majesty, awesomeness, and creativity of God.

This time of year on the farm there is too much beauty for my mind to even comprehend.

Everything is so breath taking.

I think often of how God created this beauty for our enjoyment.

He didn't have to make things so colorful, melodious and tasty, but He did.

As I was picking peas this morning I tuned in to the songs of all the birds singing praise to Him around me. God could have just made the different birds sing one tune and wear one color.

But He didn't.

He could have made all fruits and veggies one shape and one color.

But He didn't.

He could have made things taste all the same....all sweet.....or all sour....or all soft...or all firm...

But He didn't

He could have made all animals the same color, size or shape.

But He didn't.

He could have made all flowers one color, all purple, all pink, big petals, little petals.

But He didn't.

And today I thank my Father because....

He didn't.


Esther Penner said...

So wonderfully true. This such a beautiful time of the year. We do serve an awesome God and He didn't once intend for people to think that these things just happened by chance. Thats maybe why He gave us so many brilliant colors to enjoy.

The Munck Family said...

Beautiful...nice when we can slow down enough to see HIS wonderful creations!

Green Gardening Girl said...

Beautiful and true! How sweet!