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August 3, 2009

Pass the Peas Please!

Pea picking season is here!
I have fond memories of pea season while growing up.
My mom and I used to pick peas together ever since I can remember :) We would sing often together in the garden. One of my old favorites was:
MOM: Rosalie do you love Jesus?
ME: Yes I love Jesus.
MOM: Do you really love Jesus?
ME: Yes I really love Jesus.
MOM: Tell me why you love Jesus.
ME: I'll tell you why I love Jesus.
TOGETHER: Because He first love me.
Oh how I love Jesus
Oh how I love Jesus
Oh how I love Jesus
Because He first loved me!
Another memory of pea picking is the time I would spend at my cousins' place. Because my aunt had 8 children she saw the benefit of keeping their mouths (plus mine) busy by handing out a stick of gum to everyone. That was a real treat to us and it was much less tempting to eat a few handfuls of peas resulting in her actually being able to freeze some!
And now here I am with my own children. Singing in the pea patch and figuring out ingenious ways to actually get the peas in the freezer :) When I think back of pea season I don't think of all the back breaking, hard work that was involved, rather I remember quality time spent with those I loved. And I hope our children will remember the same!
Here are some photos of our pea picking today.
Because of the cooler weather the peas are beautiful this year.

I don't know if you can tell here but they are about 3 1/2 ft. tall!

The crop is plentiful with pods and pods of peas hanging. They are weighing the plants down so much they are pullling the fence over.

Here's Jesse opening them up and ready to sample.

MMMM.....nothing quite like fresh peas straight from the pod.

Yours truly busy picking (and yes I am wearing a coat in AUGUST !?!?!)

They are starting to pile up. .

This is how it all starts. A pretty, petite little flower.

Another row in full bloom.

Time to put my feet up and shell, shell, shell....

As you can tell it is REALLY hard work!!!

Okay, maybe not that hard :)

Somebody give her some gum, quick!

And they are ready for blanching and freezing.


Green Gardening Girl said...

Your peas are beautiful!!! May I ask what kind they are? Of course your peas probably wouldn't grow down here in the deep south where we live!!

The Munck Family said...

Was this post for me, because of all my text questions on peas???

I loved this post and learned lots..it was also very nice to see your faces in currrent pictures. It's starting to feel like it's been forever since you were here...We miss you!!!

Rosalie a coat in August..that's not nice to tease me, you know I long for cool weather. Baby Munck is making August so hot, it's going to get to 95 here today :)

The Pauls' Family said...

Green Gardening Girl: The peas are "Lincoln Homesteader". Not sure if they would grow in your area or not :)

Laura: I definitely had you in mind when I wrote this post :)
Wish I could send you some cooler weather !!!