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August 14, 2009

Memories Monday (by Jennifer)

Buckle your seat belts!
We're going rafting with the Muncks!
Here we are getting a wardrobe prep talk (trust me, it is difficult to put those helmets on!)

Everyone needed a little help "dressing up"

Here is the crew (left to right) Amanda Munck, Megan, Rebecca Munck, Me (Jennifer), Kerri and Dad, Oh by the way Dad came along to keep us all safe......

Ya Dad, self-control, it's picture time :)

We all loaded in the bus for a ride up the river

The girls

This is our guide, he has been riding the rapids for 9 years.

Here he is telling us what to do when... oops.... if we fell out!

Down to the river

Almost there!

Here we go! We went through one of the largest rapids right at the beginning. Way to break us in!

Whenever we got to a "dangerous" rapid the call was "GET DOWN"

Here we are trying to get back into a rapid..... paddling upstream!

Made it.....


Spotted the camera man!

At one point, near the end of the trip.... the guide asked us if we wanted to take the wild ride or the "safe" ride..... being the adventurous, fun loving bunch that we are......

We took the WILD RIDE!!!


Dad is convinced that I pushed him in :) Thankfully it was all caught on camera.....what do you think?

I kind of landed on top of him.... can you see his helmet and my foot?

BECKA!!! Why are you LAUGHING?????

Me, safe.... Dad, not so sure..... BECKA, STILL LAUGHING!!!

Daddy's girls all started getting worried.

Dad cool as a cucumber riding out the wave.

Finally through the rapid. It may be a matter of opinion, but I think that falling in was the most fun part of the whole ride! (yes, just to let you know..... I am adventurous, I was hoping we would fall in :)

Pulling into the harbor safe and sound (much to mom's relief:)

Thanks to the Muncks and Ocee Inn River Rafting for all the fun! Also to the Moms and Liz for taking care of all the kiddos!

Also thank you to Uncle Arthur who took these great shots.


Anonymous said...

Hey it looks like you'll had a GREAT time!
I believe that you had fun falling in Jen:)
Miss you lots.

Green Gardening Girl said...

Great photos! Love your fun day!

Great Doggie Doos said...

Ha ha I love this post! That was so much fun! We will have to do it again!!! Love and miss you all very much! Hope everyone is doing good! Oh by the way Jen Hanna misses you:) To Becky's calculations it is one hundred and ninety more days until we meet again!

Love, Lizzy and Becky

The Munck Family said...

I believe that those of us on shore had as much fun watching as those in the boat...we are so glad you all had a FUN safe adventure!

We love you all...wonder what's in store for your next trip to visit?!?