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August 18, 2009

Trip Part ?????

Well it seems like it is taking a really long time to post all our trip pictures. I think I stalled on this particular part because I was overwhelmed in trying to pick what to share with you about this leg of our journey.
For me visiting the Munck's was the best part of our trip. It was so great to connect again. It really almost seemed like we imagined the special connection we had made in February when they came to visit. But pretty much as soon as we drove up to their house the visiting began and the bond we had was only strengthened.
We enjoyed our time there talking, swimming, eating (even though Laura's new was stove hadn't arrived yet, the girls and her made us delicious meals), touring the area, shopping (Laura was kind enough to take me to some second hand stores), playing in the playground, working at the store, coloring, biking, white water rafting......and really, too much to mention. Arthur, Laura and their family were amazing hosts and we immediately felt at home. Thanks so much again to all of you for a great time in Tennessee! Here are SOME pictures of our time together.
Our twin vans!
Here are some of our 19 children eating together.
The girls all ready to go on a bike ride.
The older girls who weren't working at the store would take the little ones out and do things like go to the park with them. That was such a blessing as you can imagine there was a lot of energy that needed to be let off :)
I think this was the preferred mode of transportation for these guys!

Can you guess what is holding everyone's attention so intently?

Coloring Time

The kids did lots and lots of swimming in the Munck's pool. It was a great opportunity for the little boys to practice their strokes. They were much better swimmers by the time we left. The pool was so warm. Not even close to our cool Manitoban waters!

Of course while the kids were swimming Laura and I spent many hours chatting. We had a lot to catch up on!

And the guys did their fair share of talking too :)

Of course no visit would be complete without Uncle Arthur's stories! Can you tell how well he hold everyone's attention!

On Saturday we visited a Mennonite farmer's market. It was really neat to see the place that Arthur and Laura have mentioned so often. We were amazed at how big their produce was already.

This is a wagon full of watermelon. We taste tested some and it was delicious!

The horses on a treadmill pumping water.

Here's the whole group the morning we said our goodbyes.

So there you have a glimpse of our time together. Really no pictures can even do justice to the great time that was had by all! Thank you once again to all of the Munck's for being such amazing hosts and for your friendship. We look forward to our next visit together.

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The Munck Family said...

FEBRUARY/MARCH...won't be here soon enough for us!!!

We love you all so very much and feel you aren't just friends BUT...
Our Family!!!!