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August 31, 2009


Yes it's Monday, a fresh new start to a forcast of promised sunshine for the week. YEAH!
It's 9:45 am an this is what has happened in my day already.

I was feeding Josiah when I heard a 2 yr. old scream come from the laundry room.

I went in there to see what was going on when Jesse promptly informed me that Nathan had spilled paint in the porch. (Still not sure why the 2 yr. old was screaming!) And like any mom the words 'spilled paint' got my ears perked up pretty quickly. I almost dreaded to go into the porch , but I did. And before me I saw indeed spilled paint. Nathan 'somehow' got the lid off the paint can and it dumped on the tile floor. Inwardly I mourned the fact that I had not put that paint can away yesterday when I saw it in the porch. But half of me thought it was an empty one and would do no harm. WRONG! I cheerfully tried not to get upset as Nathan was quite beside his quiet self already and appalled that he would 'somehow' do such a thing :) He had already desparately tried to clean it up on his own, thus ALL the rags from the rag drawer were in the puddle of paint and he was already getting a pail of water ready to water it down and spread it around more wash it up. Thank you Lord that I got there when I did! But the paint is cleaned up, Nathan has apologized and I just hope we don't have any more spills today because, WE ARE OUT OF RAGS.

I thought I did pretty good, I kept my cool through this ordeal, this is going to be a good day. Well sometime in the midst of me cleaning up the paint, Mikaya must have gotten her clothes wet when washing her hands and decided to change, by herself! I guess she had a hard time finding her clothes because she proceeded to pull out all the sheets and diapers off the shelf in the baby room. I think she was looking for pants because she already had a shirt on. Then I looked up and saw the shirt she was wearing!

How do you get upset at that?

In the middle of ALL this the ferrier showed up a couple of hours early. That was not a problem. I was glad we could get that over with and get on with our day. I went out to pay him and came into an entrance that looked like this. Obviously someone was looking for something and didn't find it and then cleaned it all up like any well trained Pauls child would do and decided we should clean it up and then disappeared :)

But with all this said I am thankful for another day to learn to love my kids in spite of their shortcomings and I am again reminded of how my Heavenly Father is so patient with me in spite of my failures.
The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger,
and plenteous in mercy. Psalm 103:8


Green Gardening Girl said...

Mrs. pauls are you missing your last photo about your porch when you came back?

Love the story.

The Pauls' Family said...

Sorry Green Gardening Girl. Some people in Canada call our entrance a 'porch' so I think that was the confusion? I edited a bit to make things a little more clear :)

The Munck Family said...

Hey look we Muncks are still here and ALIVE...kind of;)

Your day looks like how my whole week went last week...yet I not always as calm and collected as you.

Hope to have a new phone by the end of the day..meaning texting!!! I miss you much!

jeremy and/or laura said...

wow! what a day :) there is no end to excitement around there...