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October 30, 2009

Beating the Winter Chills and Contest Reminder

Have you put your guess in for this contest? Better hurry because your comment has to be in by Nov. 1st (tomorrow). And for the ones who guessed it right we will put your name in a draw to pick the winner on Nov. 2nd. We will not publish your comments until the contest is closed. Lots of great guesses have come in.....so happy guessing! And make sure you check back on the 2nd to see who won :)

And with the winter chill in the air comes the realization that we need to get some more wood for the year to heat our house.

So on Wednesday it was off to the bush we went.

It's at times like this that it's especially nice to have little boys with lots of energy :)

These were definitely not logs for wimps!

Some of them were so big the boys had to roll them.

The ladies loaded the trucks.

2 chain saws + 2 hard working guys makes for a lot of wood in a hurry!

It started raining when we were just done the first 2 loads. So then the decision had to be made.....do we wait until it stopped.....or keep going?

The forcast didn't look much better so the unanimous decision was made to stick it out until we were done. A little rain never hurt anyone :)

And by lunch we had 4 truck loads.

For the first time ever we unanimously (definitely unanimous) we decided to rent a log splitter. And so the fun continued!

We were all pretty happy someone invented this machine :)

Into the tractor bucket and then off to the wood shed.

And by 7:30 or so we were all done! Now we are enjoying the warmth of the wood stove in this chilly fall.

Thanks to our family for all your hard work. It was a long day....but together we got it done :)

And a super duper, big thank you to Josh and Rebecca for helping us. We really, REALLY appreciate you and all the ways you pitch in around here!


Lisa said...

You know what they say about firewood. It warms you up twice. Once when you're bringing it in and again when you burn it.

The Munck Family said...

Wow...looks like hard work! Glad you can now be warm and cozy in your house for the fall :)Love to each of you!!!