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October 23, 2009

Another Project and a Give Away!

The last of the field work was finished up yesterday so it was on to another project.
We are building a garge where the old house once stood.
So today was the day to pour the cement.
Here are some pictures of what happened first thing this morning.
The working crew is ready to work!

No shortage of work now :)

Teddy wondering what she's going to do.

Josh and Jen leveling.

The little foreman

Kerri working hard !?!?!?

Joshua doing what he does best...the finishing touch!

Sisters making sure the job is done well!

Getting to the end.

Just a little more.

There's even some left over to make a sidewalk.

All smooth and ready to dry.

But we have a problem. How are we going to get Jen out?

So here's where the give away comes in. We thought it was about time for a little contest.

Jennifer has a book that she wants to give away, and all you have to do is tell us how you think Jennifer got out of the middle of all that cement without making ANY tracks.

Leave a comment....if you guess it right you will be entered into a draw for this book.

You have until Nov. 1st/09. So get your comments in :)


karinda said...

My Guess is that Jen had some fun
hanging from a bucket or bale spear on the tractor kinda like a monkey:)

Looks like you guys have done a lot of work, and have a lot of work yet to do. pray that the weather cooperates with you. Bet it feels good to be done the field work.

Jeremy and Karinda said...

My guess is that Jen was hanging from a bale spear or a bucket on the tractor. Looks like you guys have done alot of work and have alot yet to do, pray that the weather cooperates with you. Must feel good to be done feild work:)

Denyse said...

Actually we think she is still standing there and you are really asking for help on how to get her out without making tracks :). Hope you get her out of there before night falls.

Anonymous said...

O poor Jen,standing there in the middle of the cement pad all by herslf.
I think you got Josh to put the two by four across the cement and then you walked out on it.

And if I'm wrong,well then I hope you'll get out some how.

I love you girl.

love Rae

Mrs. Pauls said...

This is a really boring theory. But I'm thinking that this photo was taken the next day.

Mrs. Pauls said...

Ooops I kind of misunderstood that question. How did she get out? Something involving a front end loader I think.

The Coopers said...

Okay well I have 2 guesses can I do that?? Okay I think you either had the poor thing hang onto the cement pouring thing and swing her out..or you used a tractor with a bucket to get her out. Oh how fun. Love to get this book for my girls.. all 6 of them...he he he

Dianna said...

Maybe she crawled under it and out. I couldn't do that but maybe Jennifer could!!

Lisa said...

Someone put a board across and she walked over. Or maybe she did a little walking on water..er cement. lol!


Harry and Nancy Pauls said...

I think there are three ways Jen could have got out. 1. There is a tunnel under the cement....naw i don;t think so. 2.A helicopter came and picked her up... 3.A John Deere came and lifted her out. 4.Jen can fly.
Ps..I need that book!

Harry and Nancy Pauls said...

I think she has been photoshopped into the centre. If I win give the book to Harry.

The Munck Family said...

Looks AWESOME...great job PAULS' WORK CREW!!!!

Love ya'll!!!

Chris and Nettie said...

We think you somehow used the loader tractor to pluck her out.

The Coopers said...

Can I guess twice?? I think she either was lifted out by the cement truck thingy that pours the cement or one of the tractors was used with the bucket.. love the book..wanting this for my girls!

Dianna said...

Ok I'm serious now.. What I really think how she got out is with a loader and a boom on the end, where she held on to and it lifted her out.

Chloe said...

Hey guys!! It was awesome spending time with you the other day!
Hayden and I think that Jennifer jumped in the bucket of your John Deer tractor in the background of the 12th pic. Are we right or way off?!?!
Chloe (Hayden)

Duckygirl said...

I think she's reeeaaallly patient and just waited for it to dry :)


Anonymous said...

Mayo family thinks:
She got out by the bucket of the John Deer tractor or the cement chute
Matthew mayo for the mayo family...age 14.5
blessings to your family!