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October 19, 2009

Birthday x 2

Over the weekend we had two more birthdays in our family.

Zachary turned 9 on the 16th and Jesse turned 7 on the 18th.

To keep with the October theme here are some things you may not know about the birthday boys:

9 things about Zachary:

1. At a young age Zachary had already broken 2 bones and knocked out 3 teeth.

2. We nickname him Tigger because he bounces a lot.

3. He has a smile that would melt anyone's heart....especially his mother's :)

4. He has always been tiny for his age but that hasn't stopped him from being very fast.

5. He wants to get a lamb.

6. You will often find him holding and playing with his baby brother, Josiah.

7. He has a very sensitive heart and is quick to apologize when in the wrong.

8. He really, really, really likes hamburgers.

9. He is a natural leader.

Here are 7 things about Jesse:

1. He is a little farmer.

2. Pop drinks are not a treat for him because he doesn't like them.

3. He really likes to push things around in the mud.

4. He can tell who has been on the yard by studying the tire tracks.

5. He likes to do work in his school books and will sometimes bring them along in the tractor.

6. He asks a lot of questions.....like about 100 a day (okay well maybe sometimes it just feels like 100 :)

7. He is very attentive to details. When I swathed this year for the first time in a different swather I took Jesse along because I knew he would be able to answer a lot of the questions I would have!

We love you Zachary and Jesse and are so glad that God gave you both to our family.

We pray that you will draw closer to God this year and know that love that He has for you.


The Munck Family said...

Happy Birthday again...Big Guys!!!

We all LOVE you very much, and know God has great plans for you both. May you both seek Him in a mighty way, and his blessings be upon you!

The Coopers said...

Happy Birthday boys.. I love birthdays here.. we always do the childs favorite dinner and cake.. We just love spending that special day together!