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July 13, 2010

An Encouraging Testimony and A GIVEAWAY!

We are privileged to be living close enough to the U.S. border that we are able to pick up a Christian Radio Station. We don't really listen to it much in the house, but when we are spending hours in the field, their inspiring programs help to pass the time much more quickly, so we will often listen to it.

The other day Mark came in from haying and started to share about a program he had heard that day. The story sounded very interesting to me and so I looked it up on computer, downloaded the programs to my phone (there were 4 parts), and while we were driving on Sunday we listened to them.

Ed Harrell has an amazing testimony of God's power, providence and protection, even out in the middle of the ocean. Here is an excerpt of his story:
Bob: Sixty-five years ago this month on July 30, 1945, a Japanese submarine launched torpedoes that would sink the USS Indianapolis. Marine Ed Harrell was on board the Indianapolis that night.

Ed: When I actually left the ship, and there I prayed that somehow the Lord would see me through what lie ahead, and yet I had the foggiest idea that I'm going to be out there for four-and-a-half days. There's times when you pray and there's times when you pray—and there is a difference

I know how much I like to hear people testify of God's goodness to them, and so I thought I would pass on the link from Out of the Depths, to you.  This link is to Part One of the story. If you want to listen to the whole thing you will want to listen to parts 2-4 too. The links are on this page as well.

Oh, and one more thing, parents, if you have children who are quite sensitive to some things, you will want to listen to this first and make sure it's OK for them. There is talk of sharks and some not so nice things they did.

If you listen to it, would you let me know what your favourite part of the testimony was? Then your name will be entered into a draw for this book.....You have until July 27th to get your comment in.


Mrs. Pauls said...

I am knee deep in saskatoons over here, so last night Mike helped me sort berries while we listened together.

I'm not sure if I can have a favorite part - - it was all pretty terrifying. But if I had to choose then it would be the crate of potatoes that provided much needed sustanance. It was also very interesing to hear about his rescue and being given another mans clothes and bunk.

Thanks for the recommendation. We had a fun evening together.


Rebecca Pauls said...

Well I finally got everything listened to, WOW what an amazing story!! It was neat cause Josh came in and was telling me about the same story so it was nice to be able to hear the whole thing. I would say that the part that caught my attention the most was where he was talking about reciting Psalm 23 and how the Lord is MY Shepherd. Is it not amazing how the Great Shepherd, the Lord of all wants to be OUR Shepherd, what wonderful love He has for us!! We just need to trust Him. Thank you for sharing that story!

Mrs.Mike said...

My family really enjoyed listening to Ed's story. My favorite thing is his testimony about how God was with him the whole time.

Anonymous said...

I finally got to listen to everything,I hope I'm not to late yet.
I really liked the whole story,it was very interesting and amazing to hear how they lived and made it through those 4 1/2 days.
I'm thinking my favorite part would probably be where the rain cloud forms in the sky and they all get to drink a bit of water.
Also the part where he is in the water thinking aabout and saying the Bible verse "Come to the Living Water and you will not thirst"
He's sitting in the ocean,there's LOTS of water and yet he knows he can't drink it,that must have been so hard.

Thanks lot for posting this it was wonderful.


Hope everything is going well at your place :)