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July 31, 2010


Yesterday marked the 19th year that we have had Jennifer in our family.
And what a wonderful 19 years it has been.
Jennifer has always been a refreshing person to be around. Since birth she was easy going and as she grew up she continued to be easy going in her attitude towards life. And today, she is still that way!
Jennifer reminds me a lot of her dad. Like her dad, her "it will all work out" attitude has many times made me take a second look at my circumstances from a different perspective, an "it will all work out perspective".
Jennifer has many passions in life. The most important one being that she follow God's will for her life and takes time to meditate on what that is. Her second most important being one of honoring her Daddy and trusting him to teach her, train her and equip her into the person that God has called her to be. We have been so honored with her attitude of waiting on God, and His perfect timing in her life. What a sweet place of rest to be.
Jennifer als0 loves little children. Again many times she has taught me the importance of taking time from my busy schedule to just love on a little one in our home. That is a really special characteristic that I hope she takes with her if God so chooses her to be a wife and mother someday.
Jennifer really likes animals, pretty much of any kind. But her favorite is horses. Her and her sisters have a lot of fun together riding in the wee hours of the morning. She has worked hard at learning what to do and not to do, what horses like and what they don't, how to take care of them properly...... Jennifer is also our chief milking maid :-) She milks 2 cows every morning and evening and does a great job at keeping things clean and running smoothly. Along with her sisters, Jennifer handled most of the calving this past spring. And they all did a terrific job.
So there is our dear Jennifer in a few words. A blessing, refreshing, hard working, dedicated, loving, joyful, honouring, super-duper daughter. We love you Jennifer and pray that you will continue to closer to your Heavenly Father this year.


Rebecca Pauls said...

We hope that you had a wonderful day Jen!!
You are a sweet girl and lots of fun to be with!
Love Josh Becky and Andy

The Mayo Family said...

Happy Birthday to you Jennifer!
How sweet to have a new baby brother! What a gift!
Thinking of you!
Special birthday blessings to a special girl!
The Mayo Ladies

Anonymous said...

Jen you are such a blessing to so many people including me,thanks for being a GREAT friend,
God Bless you as you live for Him!
I love you SO much Jenny!


Kaitlin said...

Was thinking of you on your birthday...Hope it was a blast! :D