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July 2, 2010

What Do You Think?

I wonder what is keeping this little boy so entertained???? 

It is a DVD..

Its not a cartoon....

IT is a singing group....

He comes running when he hears it playing....
It is the ....The Gaither Vocal Band!!!


The Mayo Family said...

Well Mr Mayo will be up & have a chair right next to him! That is one of his (our) favorites! :)
He looks so much like your oldest son!
How is Momma Pauls doing?
Praying all is well!

Dianna said...

hee hee my guess wod've been the Cedarmont kids dvds. A fav of my little guy around here. All of my kids were into Cedarmont kids series in their toddler years.

The Munck Family said...

We love them and have seen them in concert several times!!! We'd all come running too. Now I'd come running just to sit next to that sweet boy, love him!

jeremy and/or laura said...

That must make Grandpa Rowley so happy :)
good to see you guys last week.