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July 19, 2010



This is a day that is always hard for me. I've went through it now....let's see...11 times!

You'd think by now I would be used to it?

But not so.

Each time, it pricks a little piece of my mother heart.

Not sure why.....it just does.

For you see today was the day that my little Joey....became a big boy!

We moved him out of the baby room...and into the big kids room downstairs.

I knew it was going to happen....I tried to prepare myself for it....but to no avail.

Still a little prick in my heart.

Meg put Joey to bed the other night as I was working outside.

When I came in I saw the baby room door open and was ready to close it when.....
it dawned on me. My little Joey isn't in there anymore. He's one of the BIG kids now :)

I had to peek inside, just to make sure. And sure enough, the playpen was empty.

Our bedroom is attached to the baby room...so we have the privalage of hearing the baby babbling in the morning. It always brings a smile to my face. And my hubby will often yell out something like..."Hey Joey, Joey, what are you doing, doing, doing?" or something like that...it makes my morning!

But now it will be silent in the morning......

Now the good news is that in 2 weeks (Lord willing) that spot will be filled again by a new little person. The babbles will be a little different for the first while....but at least it will not be silent.

So once again I find myself wondering....will this be the last time that bed will be occupied? Or does God have more little ones for us in the future? I hope He does, but I also know that He is the one that opens and closes the womb. So with each pregnancy and each "transition" I wonder it will be the last of it's kind.

There are so many transitions when raising children, newborn, toddlers, school age, young adults, marriage, grandchildren. And each one of them is special and unique. I love being a mom!

What about you? What transitions are you going through?


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog. Enjoy being a grandma. We were recently blessed with a grandaughter, so I voted for a girl. They seem to be in the air around our part of the world.
I live in Pennsylvnia, USA.

Good luck with the baby.


Mrs. Pauls said...

I guess our big transition right now is the big "should we stay, or should we go?" question.

But as for being a mummy, I guess my next (small) transition is separating the girls for bedtime. It is getting pretty crazy in their crib right now - they are so mobile.

I love watching them sleep beside each other (sometimes they hold hands - and they always smile at each other when they wake up,) but bedtimes are getting a little chaotic and can stretch for a loooong time :)

I'm a little sad about it - but at least they are in the same room.


The Munck Family said...

What a sweet post! Little Joey getting so big and baby Pauls coming soon...life is busy!

In a large family it always seems like we are in a transition period around something. Seems we learn and grow as we journey through each transition phase, and as you know it makes life very full on many levels:)

Transition for me is the Ruth Ella is almost one, and the question that's ever so present is "will the Lord see fit to give us another child blessing"?

So excited baby will be here soon!
Love, Laura

nancy said...

I've learned that being a Mom is always a time of transition. The first and largest transition is that of remebering that you are indeed someones MOM. What a joy and responsibility.
I always was unable to sleep following the arrival of a new addition to our home. My thoughts and prayers were with that new family member that I had just met.
I had to make the transition to trust that God would look after my children far better than I could ever do. That has been the rock that I have stood on as I have seen my children grow up , leave, marry and have their own familes.

jeremy and/or laura said...

our transition is the fact that we leave canada in one week, again. Packing, our last praise and worship time, saying goodbye to friends and family, and intrusting our house in Gods hands.
We do not have an soft answer for the question "Is it safe?" that we get asked so often. We feel the need to reply that life as an early christian was much less "safe" and if we stay "safe" how can we expect the church to grow where it is not "safe"?