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July 27, 2010

Favorite One Liners

Having a large family brings many people to feel the need of blurting out these 'one liners' Some are funny, some are silly and some are just plain rude :)

But there are some other one liners that I have heard a lot of over the years. Comes about this time each pregnancy.

Here they are.

No baby yet?

You're still here?

When's the big day?

Are you anxious to get this over with?

Are you ready?

Do you have names picked out?

Isn't that baby cooked yet?

So in case you are just wondering:

Yes, I have a baby....it's just still inside!

Yes, I am still here....plan on sticking around for awhile.

Not sure when the big day will be....God knows though.

I am content being pregnant, but I am excited to meet our little blessing....so, yes and no.

If you mean do I have everything ready for the baby....yes. If you mean am I emotionally and physically prepared.....yes, as much as is possible to prepare for labor :)

Have you ever tried naming 12 children? Nuff said :)

My belly button hasn't popped out yet. Does that mean baby's not cooked?


Shelby said...

o wow! i just noticed there was just 6 days left on your ticker thingy. gosh that's exciting. =) be praying for you

Anonymous said...

Dear Rosalie,
Praying for you & all the family!
Want to let you know tomorrow is our Matthew-Davids 15th birthday...he was thinking that would be a nice day for God to send your sweet new gift to you all!
Then again...Elizabeth will be 11yrs on the 3rd of August and she thinks that is a very nice day as well!
I have another August...however I wont share as I am praying that you will not wait that long till God send your sweet baby! :)
Hope you are feeling well & that your sugar is doing well!
Love & prayers from Wisconsin~
lori for all

Mrs. Pauls said...

I'm getting exciting to see pictures of your new baby soon!
I hope you are feeling well and not too busy.
We'll be praying.


The Munck Family said...

Love you and praying sweet Baby Pauls comes in Gods perfect timing;)

Amy said...

Love the answers to all of the questions!!! Hope all goes well when baby decides to make his/her grand entrance :)