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July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to Brooke

It's hard to believe that 5 years have already passed since we first laid eyes on our little Brookie.
That was a very different year for us as we were living and working at a Christian camp for the summer. You were born a day earlier than your due date and we hardly had to miss a beat. We did stay home and recover for about a week, and then back to camp we went.
From the first moment, you were a quiet baby and basically just slept and ate. This made helping out at the camp a lot easier. When I look back I am not sure how we did all that. Having 9 children, 5 of them under 7, and being sleep deprived, I am amazed how God gave us that strength when we needed it! It gives me hope for this baby, who is due in a very busy season with farming and the garden, that God will give us the strength when we need it.
In some sense it almost felt like you were our first little girl, since it had been 10 yrs. since we had a 'baby girl'. Kerri officially lost that title that she had held onto for so long. But all the girls were thrilled to dress you up in frilly little dresses and be able to love on a little sister.
If I would try to describe you, I would say you are a little girl who loves life to the fullest! You can often be found with a giggle on your lips. You remind me so much of your daddy. But even in your silliness you are quite shy. If you see that you have an audience, you like to hide.
The playmates you are most often found with are Nathan and Mikaya. Nathan will often play house or dolls with you and Mikaya tags along. When Nathan is playing sports with his brothers, then you and Mikaya are usually found still playing with dolls, or helping your older sisters in the kitchen.
You are very good with names of things. If we are making something for a meal that you have never heard of, you ask us what it is, and a few hours later, you announce to Daddy the name of the dish. I am always amazed at how you can remember those little things.
You love to go with your Daddy to the field. When you are in the tractor with him you both make up silly songs and change the words to songs. You still think that the Itsy Bitsy Spider song says, "The sun came up and dried up all the land" no matter how many times Daddy tells you it's "dried up all the RAIN"!!! You and him have had many fun disagreements over this :) You also play the game of A A....butterfly. Or C C....Horsie. Or F F....Piggy!!!! And the two of you will go on and on! I'm sure someday soon you will learn the real sounds to the letters. For now you will just have fun with them!
I see in you a heart that loves to worship. You don't sing very loud, but I hear you often singing worship songs. It blesses my heart!
You love to color by number. And because you can't read, you have to ask me what color a certain number is. But you don't just ask me for one number, you ask me for 2 or 3 at a time. And you remember them. There's that memory again. I think it might come in very handy for me!!!
I can't imagine our family without our bubbly little Brookie. God knew just who we needed and when we needed you! You are a blessing to all of us.
We pray for you, that this will be a year of continued joy in Christ. The happiness of this world is fleeting, but the joy of the Lord will be your strength. Keep on making us all laugh....we need it!
We love you Brooke. Happy Birthday!
The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song.
Psalm 28:7


Shelby said...

i love birthdays! hope you have a happy one Brooke.
i certainly got a laugh out of the last picture.

Rebecca Pauls said...

Happy Birthday Brookie!!!
YOu are a very special girl and I love the way your smile and laugh are so often seen and heard on the yard. You are always there ready to say a big 'hi' whenever I come over, you are so sweet!!
We love you!
Love Josh Becca and Andy

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brooke, God bless you! Your curly hair is really cute and I love the last picture.

Mrs. Pauls said...

Happy birthday Brooke! It sounds like God sure knew what he was doing when He made you! Congratulations on being 5.