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July 19, 2008

Abundant Blessings

I love this time of year with all the amazing sights, sounds and tastes.
The garden is starting to produce.
The summer projects are getting done.
We have had many fun times with family and friends around campfires.
It overwhelms me to think that God made everything so beautiful for us to enjoy.
He didn't have to make so many different colors and tastes, but He did!
Thank You God!
So here is a bit of the sights of our summer so far.
Meeting My Newest Neice Cadence
(Photo by Megan)

Playing Badminton With the Rowley Family
(photo by Rosalie)

A Beautiful Pink Sky
(Photo by Megan)

Moving Bins
(Photo by Jennifer)

Flowers :)
(Photo by Megan)

A Little Girl and Her Kitty
(Photo by Rosalie)
The Little Farmers
(Photo by Megan)
The Amazing Thunderheads on Wednesday
(photo by Megan)

Yum, Yum. The lettuce is so big and beautiful this year.
(photo by Megan)
The Little Boys in a Field of Barley
(photo taken by Megan)

Mikaya and a Bowl Full of Lettuce
(photo taken by Jennifer)


Dianna said...

Haven't commented in awhile. But have been reading up on your blog every so often. I was wondering when you are due with baby # 11? I saw a Christmas family portrait of you and the fam. at the midwifery clinic the other day and had to chuckle at the small world we live in after all. I'm due with baby #3 in Sept. and am seeing Karen as a midwife.

Laura said...

What awesome pictures, I think my family would love to yours....we seem to have lots in common. Glad to see you are enjoying your summer!