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July 9, 2008

The Race Is On!

Every once in awhile around here, the male competitiveness kicks in and a challenge ensues.
The other day was one of those days.

The challenge?
Two 6 foot deep, 1 foot diameter holes.

The competitors?
The two eldest males of our household.

The prize?
Great Satisfaction.

So off they went to get their shovels and the race began.

Two different men, two different personalities.
Whose strategy was going to pay off in the end.

One chose to dig the hole narrow enough to just be able to work in.

The other chose to have some room to spare.

The sweat was dripping.
The kids figured there would soon be enough water to fill the hole!
And before we knew it, they were to the point of no return.

A quick glance over and Josh realized there was no time to slow down.

We knew the end was near when they pulled out the measuring tape.

Just a few more inches to go and only 45 minutes into the race!

Oh, it was so close.

Heave ho, hurry!

It's amazing what can be accomplished when you mix man power
and a whole lot of determination.

Brooke was trying to figure out how to get them out of there.
She came up with the idea that a helicopter would do just fine!

Soon Mark declared, "I'm done!
The final measurement was made.

Who won you ask?
Well if it was a contest for the one who got the dirtiest;

I think this guy won!

If you ask who was the best sport?

This guy would come very close!

If you would ask these guys...

They would say their daddy won for sure!

Even though the race was a very close one, Mark figures he won with flying colors.


Because he got his holes dug :)

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