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July 30, 2008

Happy BIrthday Dear Jennifer

I know this is an old saying but….
It seems like it was just yesterday you were born.
Now you are 17, a budding beautiful rose.
Your middle name suits you just fine.
Jennifer Rose

Roses are fragrant.
You have such a sweet, positive personality.
You know how to kick back and enjoy life.
You have taught me so much in this area.
I never realized how much I would learn from my own children.
Your positive outlook on life has made me recognize what's important,
And your "Mom, it's not that bad." has helped me realize
things are not always as terrible as they first appear.

Roses have breathtaking beauty.
You are a beautiful young lady.
As your dad told you in your birthday card,
Beautiful on the inside and the outside.
Your smile is contagious,
Your joy is refreshing,
Your compassion is humbling,
Your enthusiasm for your family is a blessing,
Your attitude towards us as your parents is honoring,
Your example to your siblings is life giving,
Your humor is entertaining,
Your quick thinking is brilliant,
Your heart is big.

Roses endure the winters.
When you are going through a winter,
You put your trust in God.
You know He is your strength and your strong tower.
Winters don’t set you back, they make you more stable.
And in the spring you are stronger and more beautiful than before.

Roses have thorns.
Thorns are a protective characteristic to keep away predators that might harm them.
You too are protected.
First by your amazing Heavenly Father and second by your earthly father.
You have chosen to stay under both their coverings.
You have chosen to be protected..
You have followed God and His Word.
This has protected you.
You have chosen to honor your Dad and listen to his advice.
This has protected you.
You are a very wise young lady, you can see the bigger picture
Not just the temporal satisfaction of today
This has protected you.

Roses reflect the glory of God.
As you sing praises to your King,
You too reflect His glory.
Many times your worship has lifted my soul
And has caused me to meditate on God and His Word.
Your songs have brought us before God’s throne
And helped us to enter into His courts with praise.
He inhabits your praise.

This year I pray that you will continue to bloom as a rose in God’s garden.
That you will allow Him to direct your paths.
That you will not lean on your own understanding,
But trust in the Lord with all your heart.
That you will say what your Heavenly Father tells you to say,
And do what He tells you to do.
That you will grow in love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness,
goodness, faithfulness, kindness, and self-control.

We love you Jennifer and thank God for sending you as to our family.
Happy 17th Birthday!

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Laura said...

What a beautiful young lady inside and out. Happy Birthday!!!