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July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Brooke!

To our little miss.
3 years old already.
I remember the summer day very clearly 3 years ago when we welcomed you to our family.
You were such a sweet little bundle.
Brown eyes, brown hair (what little their was), so petite.
Your siblings all loved you to bits.

We went to work at camp for the summer a few days after you were born.
You co-operated real well and we hardly heard a peep out of you all summer.
As the years have flown by, we have enjoyed getting to know you.

A little miss. That's what you are.

You love to be pretty and really seem to enjoy telling your brothers and little sister what to do.

You seem to have it all figured out in your head, and can't just keep it there, you have to tell everyone.
You talk real well. You have actually been talking real well for....well....I can't actually remember. It seems like you talked perfect right from the moment a word came out of your mouth.

Of course you like to experiment with many words, and all of a sudden a new one will come out.
Usually it is pronounced little differently (like dediclious with a little slur, for ridiculous).
Daddy has lots of fun seeing you blush when he sings your song, "Beautiful, Beautiful Brookie"
You love your daddy so much and look forward every day to your special cuddle time.

Joshua is also one of your favorite people and if he is gone you are looking for him all day. He always has a special smile for you that makes you melt.

You are very blessed to have so many protective brothers in your life (that you can boss around!) They take good care of you and teach you many boy things. You like playing with them but don't often get as dirty as they do as you don't really like dirt on yourself.

If you walk through the corral with us you tiptoe around every cowpie. It makes for a rather long time of doing chores:)

You are a very good little helper in the kitchen and I can see that very soon you will be making your first batch of cookies. Your sisters are doing a great job at teaching you how to bake.

You are also very blessed to have 3 older sisters who are training you in the lady way. They often make your hair pretty and dress you up. You will learn many things from them as you spend more time together. They love you very much!

You are starting to play a lot with your little sister Mikaya and are doing the 'girl things' together. It is a transition for you as for many years you have been playing boy stuff with all your brothers. Mikaya is very much into dolls and girl things, so you have been learning how to play house. It is so special to watch the bond between you grow already.

You are our little princess. We love you very, very much and look forward to another year of seeing you grow and mature. Happy Birthday Brooke!

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Laura said...

Happy Birthday Miss Brooke! Isn't it wonderful how God places each child in just the right spot in the family. Hope you have a wonderful day...hand out a few orders for it is your day and you are the Princess!