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July 2, 2008


A sister is one who giggles uncontrollably at things that are not even funny.
A sister can be at odds with you one minute and hugging you the next.
A sister sings the best harmony with you.
A sister eggs you on just to make you mad.
A sister embraces you when you are having a bad day.
A sister does your hair.
A sister helps you do dishes.
A sister is both your mirror and your opposite.
A sister laughs at your corny jokes.
A sister wears your favorite clothes.
A sister helps your remember things you'd rather forget.
A sister tells the truth even if you don't want to hear it.
A sister is a pro at pleading innnocence.
A sister keeps you accountable.
A sister is a God given best friend.


Laura said...

That's a great picture and such pretty girls! Sisters are great,I'm so thankful my girls are close!

A Walk in My Flip Flops said...

THat is so true I'm so Blessed to have my Sisters.