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July 11, 2008

Pet Peeve #1

We don't have pet peeves very often.
OK let me rephrase that....we don't have pet peeves that we publicly announce very often!

But here is one that we feel cannot go unnoticed.

Who's idea was it to sell 4 litre ice cream in pails and not put handles on them?
And WHY?????

We personally find the pails much less useful now.
Like take, going to pick strawberries for example.

Have you ever tried to carry pails of strawberries without handles?

So if the person responsible for vetoing handles on ice cream pails is reading this....
PLEASE rethink your decision and put the handles back on :)

Otherwise we are seriously thinking we may have to move to another country
and learn the art of this!

1 comment:

miri68 said...

I totally agree, although we use it to hold all sorts of other things as well, popcorn, legos, dog toys, crafts, colors, I could go on and on.....