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June 5, 2017

True Friends

Friends are gifts. True friends are treasures. 
Today we experienced what a treasure our friends are. 
Even though we have known these friends for only a few years it seems like a lifetime. 
We have shared together, we have cried together, we have laughed together until our sides have hurt, we have prayed together, we have dreamed together, we have encouraged each other, we have supported each other, we have given to each other, we have received from each other, and we have challenged each other. 
Friendships like this are rare. They are precious. They are priceless.  They are valuable. 

But today our friends really went above and beyond! They did something that only true friends would ever even think of doing. Something that was thankless, dirty, hard and tiring. They weren't asked. They offered. This is true friendship. For only true friends would spend their afternoon helping you pick rocks in your field!! 

My dear friend Mandy

 Zach and Bryer
 Brooke and Chalise

Coden and Josiah

Eliana and Mikaya

Waiting for the rocks to be unloaded

Caleb, Shayla, Josiah and Jesse

 The busy crew
Sadly I didn't get a picture of Justice and Nathan!!

 I hope everyone can find a treasure in a friend like we have found in these amazing people! We love you Thiessen family! Thanks again!!! 

1 comment:

Rose said...

Yes, picking rocks in the fields is something I remember quite well from my growing up years on the farm.