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June 8, 2017

Together Time

About once a week we make a trip to the big city (Winkler :) to run errands and do grocery shopping.  Usually there are many kiddos who want to come along with us, and sometimes we bring them, but sometimes we don't :) 

We believe, that to help keep your marriage strong, you need to be intentional. It will not just happen. It takes time and it takes effort.

Ever since we got married we have  intentionally chosen to spend time alone together. How we spent those times together has varied through the years. When our children were very young, we would often just stay home and plan a romantic supper after they were in bed, or send them to Grampa and Grama's across the yard for a couple of hours. Sometimes we would get a babysitter and go out. As they grew older and we had "built in" babysitters, it was a little easier to get away. But it still took being intentional because as soon as the kiddos found out we were leaving someone was sure to ask to come along. In Growing Kids God's Way we were encouraged to tell our kiddos that it was for their good that we were going out alone, together. For in doing this we were working on making our marriage stronger and this in turn was the best for them. A papa and mama who love each other and enjoy each other makes for a much more secure child. It has been amazing to see how they now will remind us when we haven't gone on a date for awhile.

It is also our tradition to go away for a few days for Mark's birthday. Again, this has changed how it has looked over the years. Sometimes we brought the kiddos to Grampa and Grama's and just stayed home. Other times we would go to a hotel. The last couple of years we have went to a resort in Mexico. We have learned to save money throughout the year so that when January comes around we have the funds sitting there.

We have heard so many couples say they can't afford to go on dates together. We say, you can't afford not to! It doesn't have to take a lot of money if you get creative! And if you think ahead you can put the money aside a little at a time.

Here's some pictures from today's date.

Sometimes when we get alone, we get a little crazy!! As you can see, one of us is a little more crazy than the other!! 

Finally a normal one!! 

Word brain while waiting for our food.

And of course no date is complete
 without ice cream!! 

Apparently ice cream is good for your complexion! 

I think it's a waste!! 

Because every diet has to be balanced! 

Since the grocery store where we shop is an hour away we usually end up getting groceries on our date :) 

And once in awhile we even get to haul cattle to the butchers on our date!! In busy season you gotta take what you can! 
Here's our ride. 

Now go and start saving your pennies for  your next date! It'll be worth every sacrifice. 

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