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June 19, 2017


Sometimes when you plant seeds in the garden, weeds grow too. 
Sometimes life gets so busy or the weather is so whacky that you don't get out to weed the garden as often as you'd like. 
Sometimes there is rain in the forecast for a few days so you have to get the whole crew out there to get 'er done. 
Sometimes your kids are eager helpers. 
Sometimes your kids are building character....in you and them. 
Sometimes even the grandkids join in on the work. 
Sometimes your kids tell the grandkids that they should help. 
Sometimes you say, "I said that you have to help. They don't have to if they don't want to."
Sometimes the grandkids help out anyway just because they are that sweet. 
Sometimes you work so hard together that a job that would have taken you all day, gets done before lunch. 
Sometimes you go in the house dirty and exhausted. 
Sometimes you are sore. 
Sometimes there is no better feeling than some good 'ol fashioned hard work. 
Sometimes.... (tell me about your day). 

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