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June 6, 2017

A Perfect Night For a Ride

Over the past 20 some years we have often had a horse or two or three on the farm. I have always enjoyed horses. I was the happiest girl around when at the age of 16, I  got a horse for my birthday. It was a total surprise. Something I had dreamed about for many years! 

After we got married and had space of our own my amazing hubby, knowing how much I wanted a horse,  got me 2. As much as I loved to ride, I realized having many little children and having time to ride a horse didn't go together very well. So we sold them and we were horseless for a few years. But the itch for having a horse never went away and it wasnt long before I was dreaming of having a horse for our kiddos to ride. We found an older horse who was calm and perfect around kids. We didn't ride him a lot, but enough to satisfy the itch. Sadly after a few years we had to put him down because of old age. It didn't take long before our oldest girls started to get an itch too and daddy bought them each a horse. It was a lot of fun to have 3 horses and be able to ride together. But that season too ended when the girls got older and riding horses was not as much of a priority. So this last winter we sold 2 out of the 3 horses. Now we have only one sweet horse left. 

Meet Sierra. 

Kerri has been wanting to give the younger crew rides since the weather has warmed up. So finally tonight she brought Sierra in from the pasture and saddled her up. She put a smile on many little faces by giving them all rides. 


Taylor wasn't too sure of being up so high

So much attention! 

That's better! 


Waiting patiently for their turn 




Giddy up 



It's hard sometimes to be patient


And in case you are wondering, yes, I did get the itch to ride again after tonight. Maybe someday soon :) 

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Jennifer Pauls said...

Awe, sweet Sierra. <3