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June 1, 2017


So, our daughter Jennifer and daughter-in-law Becca put out this challenge to blog every day in June. They have done this for a couple of years now and I thought they were crazy!!! :) But.... Since they keep doing it over and over, it must be fun. So I must join! So if you were sick of me before... Get ready to be really sick of me now because June blog posts, here I come!

I was going to do a different post today, but the way my day is going has made me change my mind. Because you see, I am a farmers wife!
Let me tell you a little about a farmers wife. It's a very interesting journey with never, ever a dull moment and never a shortage of things to do!

You see right now I am sitting in our jeep waiting. For what you may ask? Well, I'm glad you asked. It went something like this. I call my wonderful hardworking hubby (who has been hard working since the wee morning hours) and I ask him if he needs a lunch. He says yes he does, but to just wait until I come (field is half hour away) because I may need to bring something. So I wait. Then he calls and says he needs a bolt. An inch wide and at least 5 inches long. And it's in the cubbies in the shop. No problem right? Well.... That's in the perfect farming world. In the everyday farming world.... Not so easy! But after a bit of searching I do find a bolt, and a nut that fits! So I jump into the jeep with bolt, nut and requested tools in tow, just hoping all the way that I didn't forget anything!! And off I go!

One thing I don't mind about these parts runs to the field is that I have a good amount of time to catch up on some of the messages on podcast that I haven't had time to listen to. So I drive and listen. Listen and drive. I get to the field. 
Today all goes well. I remembered everything. Everything fit. And within a few minutes I am on my way.

And it just so happened that this particular field was only a couple of miles from a greenhouse! So I got to do one of my favorite things, shop for flowers!!

And that was a peak into the life of a farmers wife. 
Always unpredictable, always challenging, always busy, 
but oh so rewarding! 
I love my life!!!

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Jennifer Pauls said...

Love this momma! Excited that you are joining us!